We believe that following Christ brings transformation in every area of life. Through God’s power we allow Him to shape and mold every element of our life from the inside out to become more of who he created us to be in this world and for this world. This is a life long journey. - ROMANS 12:1-2



At Southpointe we are about narrowing the gap between who you are now and who God created you to be…your full potential. Jesus came to earth not only for our eternal life but also to show us how to live life now and live life fully. We exist to help people reach the full life potential that God intended for you when you were created. - JOHN 10:10



Southpointe believes God did not create us to live life alone and that the church is a family.  God is a relational God and has always existed in relationship with others, and we are created in his image to do the same.  We believe in friendship, walking through life together, praying for each other, caring for each other’s needs, expressing God’s love to the world together and sharing our lives. - GENESIS 2:18



We believe that EVERYTHING we have is a generous gift from God to us, and that our number one priority in where we use the time we have, the finances we possess and the abilities we’ve been given is in generously giving back and serving into God’s work on earth. - PSALM 24:1



The church is not a building, it is people, and we believe the people are more than a one-day event.  Southpointe exists to be the love and hope of Christ to the community and the world not one day a week, but seven days a week in our homes, jobs, schools, communities, hobbies and anywhere that we interact with people. - ACTS 2:42-47



We believe in the Bible’s call to justice for all people and that we are to be an intricate part of bringing justice to the poor, oppressed, fatherless, widow and those in need. - ISAIAH 58:6-10



Jesus’ last command was to share the message of Christianity with the world.  Southpointe actively partners with missions organizations both locally and internationally to fulfill the mandate of Christ to love the world through sharing the hope and message of the gospel. - MARK 16:15